Life Quotes by Helen McCrory

Life Quotes by Helen McCrory

Helen McCrory was one of the most versatile actors of TV and cinema who recently died battling cancer in her home. Her husband broke the news that she died on April 16, 2021.

She started off her acting career from stage playing roles of Lady Macbeth (Macbeth), Olivia (Twelfth Night), Rosalind (As You Like It in the West End), Cherie Blair (The Queen and The Special Relationship), Françoise in the (Charlotte Gray), Narcissa Malfoy (Harry Potter), Mama Jeanne (Hugo), Clair Dowar (Skyfall), the iconic Polly Gray (Peaky Blinders) and in many other all-time hits both on TV and in the American Box Office.

All her life she is seen as a very positive and strong individual. Let’s have a look at the different things she has said for the people who are looking for some motivation in life:

To be honest, my husband and my children are my best friends.

Behind every successful man and woman, there is always someone who influences them, takes care of the little things in life, and makes them feel confident and loved. Helen considered that her family is one of the best clan and circle she has that is always there in her good and bad times. She always considered her family to have her back when she was out on the field or when she was at work.

What really matters to me is what my peers think.

There are many celebrities who consider their coworkers to be their biggest support and people they can look up to in life. The best people that she always mentioned on many occasions were her friends. For Helen McCrory, her coworkers were the biggest asset. You can have a look at the entertainment news and different movie channels and imagine how confident she used to be while playing her roles. Some of the best news channels are part of the Spectrum TV Select channels list where you can get updates and news from around the world.

I’m a very positive person. My grandmother taught me that happiness is both a skill and a decision, and you are responsible for the outcome.

Helen was one of the most positive people who took a different approach to life. She had cancer but even then she was performing her roles as an actress, parent and spouse very remarkably. She considered being happy and contended to be something that one himself or herself is capable of being and at the same time it is one of the decisions that one has to take. One should think that if you really want to be happy, you should be happy for yourself and the outcome that might be a positive and happy day, a day where you achieve something you always wanted, closed a deal and other endless possibilities will be yours to enjoy.

People who are exceptionally intelligent are often lonely because there are few people as intelligent as them. I have two little children, and everyone says: ‘I hope they’re doing well in school. I hope they’re bright.’ And I think: ‘Why would anyone want their children to be the brightest?’ Academia is a lonely world.

Helen draws attention to one of the most important phenomena where people are more inclined to academic brilliance rather than making their kids people of good character. She considers intelligent people to be very lonely as they do not find people who are exceptionally intelligent to be partners in this world. They don’t find many people who understand them, appreciate their talent and abilities. So she never wanted her kids to be part of the academic rat race that makes them lonely individuals.

When I was 14 I told my mother I intended to be in the House of Commons in the morning, in court in the afternoon and on stage in the evening. She realised then a fantasist had been born.

Helen recalls one of her fondest childhood memories where she used to envision herself being a part of politics and be a stage actor and a lawyer at the same time. She wanted to do a lot in life and was never pulled down even when she had cancer. She lived her life to the fullest and made sure she played her role as an actor, as a wife and as a mother.

In the end, it will not be wrong to say that Helen McCrory was one of the best actors who played all of her characters very naturally and made the best efforts in her work.

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