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All You Need to Know about Fitness Tracking Suits

People do love to stay fit in every manner, which makes them feel healthier from inside. Being healthier allows you to be active, keeps you away from any disease, health issues, etc. Most people focus on doing exercise, which keeps them punctual, active. Most people say if you want to stay healthy eat healthy, eating healthy food is one way of staying healthy, but there’s another way which is the most important for every human being roaming around in the messed up busy world.

The thing is doing exercise on daily basis, it’s hard to keep it on track, but once you try doing it, you will automatically adapt such habit. But we don’t need to forget we are living in a world of trend, people also take exercise as a trend as well, and especially young people (boys) start doing gym because of following a trend. How trend implements in it, it’s simple, and any celebrity started doing gym and transformed every goes with it.

By looking at the involvement of people in exercise and gym brands started introducing gym suit, known as a tracksuit. Tracksuit allows you to feel comfortable while exercising, running, etc. the quality, the material is all the main thing which matters more. In the market, there’s a huge market of tracksuit consist of well-reputed brands which are producing the best premium quality products for the gym freaks and runners out there.

The list is huge when it comes to tracksuit brands, the amazing thing is that all of the brands which are going to be mentioned in this piece are available on online shopping stores through tracksuit online shopping Pakistan or their official outlet.


These tracksuit brands are highly popular all over the globe, because of their quality of the product.

Nike(Nike Wind runner especially designed for all the sprint athletes or runners out there)

Ellesse Vicenza ( Ellesse Vicenza is the well-known Italian brand, came with their new arrival of tracksuit known as Ellesse Vicenza 2 Tracksuit)

  1. Adidas( most trending and demanding tracksuit is Adidas Superstar Tracksuit)
  2. New Balance (New balance comes among popular sport brands. Their new arrival hit the market with the style. By launching New Balance Track Club)
  3. Fila (Fila is the oldest brand and still somehow dominating the market with their outstanding products. In tracksuit category, they have launched a new product named “Fila Polar/Fila Soldini”. The design itself highlights the glory of the back of the eighties.)
  4. Kappa: ( by seeing the interest of young people in a skinny pair of sweat pants which is the part of tracksuit, Kappa came with their new arrival Kappa skinny Joggers with Poppers”. It’s been designed in such a way that the customer will surely feel the comfort inside.)
  5. Lacoste: (it will be a mistake if not including Lacoste in sports tracksuit. Lacoste can be considered as the pioneer in manufacturing sports tracksuits, it’s been creating tennis clothes for ages. )

Above mentioned brands and their products are not some local products people spend thousands of dollars on it. People do spend a lot of money when it comes in buying clothes, for young people having t-shirts in their closet is the must thing. They follow each trend of t-shirts, to look among their friends and another social gathering. But after every month new trend comes in, as its 2019 new t-shirt trends have already emerged in the market. People do wearing printed t-shirts, but no one knows the actual method or says techniques of printing. The topic is broad in its own perspective, but we are going to focus on some of the main or say most used methods to print t-shirts. Some companies such as The Warehouse have printed t-shirts on digital printing.

  1. CAD Cut Vinyl (Computer Aided Design is the method of heating and transferring the image on the t-shirt. Most commonly used to print numbers, logos, names, etc.)
  2. Direct to Garment Printing(it’s just the regular basic inkjet printer, but the only difference it prints on fabric instead of a paper)
  3. DYE-Sublimation Printing (it used computer printer which heats the ink and transfers it on different materials. It’s mostly used when vibrant colors and vivid pictures are needed.)
  4. Screen Printing (it is considered as the most versatile and most used method to print t-shirts.)

These methods are used all over the world to print t-shirts, most brands do adopt one of these methods and produce the best quality of the printed t-shirt. There are good quality T shirts online Pakistan and tee shirts in Pakistan available on various Pakistani online shopping stores.


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